Fluctuate Dossier: HH+KH

Exhibition edition. 

38 pages, 29 x 14cm, coptic bound, self-published.

Produced for the exhibition titled Veillance at c3 contemporry art space in 2018, this self-published book elaborates on two central confused men: Hiroshi and myself and our quest to find a seal.

Brunswick Surfaces

Exhibition edition.

32 pages, 14.8 x 21cm, unbound, self-published.

An elaboration on my work made for the collaborative exhibition with Paul Batt in 2019 that explored our then hood (pre-Covid).



Exhibition reader.

Essays by Kristian Häggblom, Naomi Cass & D. Max Moerman.

20 pages, 14.8 x 21cm, stapled, downloadable

Catalogue with key essays for the exhibition and dedicated website from 2018.




PhD edition.

66 pages, 20.5 x 25cm, perfect bound, hardcover, self-published.  
Edition of 5. 

First attempt at photobook production and key to my PhD research that was completed in 2014 - one to perhaps revisit in future.