I’ll be running this workshop at Linden New Art: Contemporary Photography & The Photobook is a 6-week program where participants develop a project to extend the possibilities and outcomes beyond files and prints into a photobook. Participants will develop refined camera craft techniques and compositional strategies to produce narrative-generating imagery. The program will also introduce concepts prevalent in contemporary practice – expanded documentary and the photobook. Once concluding the program, participants will have a conceptually-driven and technically-refined sequence of images in mock-up form and ready for publication.

Details: https://www.lindenarts.org/community/event-rsvp/?event_id=159


I am excited to be confirmed as an Instructor for 2023-2024 Nearest Truth Year-Long Photobook Course that is run by Brad Feuerhelm. It has a stellar lineup of experienced and respected photographers that includes my colleagues: Stacy Mehrfar, Kazuma Obara, Emma Phillips & Myrto Steirou.

Details: https://www.nearesttruthworkshops.com/


Honored to be included in the 2022 CCP Fundraiser: 21 October — 30 October with this stellar lineup of legends:

Hoda Afshar, Brook Andrew, Ying Ang, Atong Atem, Georgia Banks, Anita Beaney, Lyndell Brown and Charles Green, Su Cassiano, Danica Chappell, Peta Clancy, Zoë Croggon, J Davies, Christopher Day, Mathias Depardon, Jo Duck, Lauren Dunn, Juno Gemes, Janina Green, Kristian Häggblom, Hootan Heydari, Eliza Hutchison, Rohan Hutchison, Will and Garrett Huxley, Shea Kirk, Katrin Koenning, Christopher Koller, Anouk Kruithof, Anu Kumar, Erin Lee, Honey Long and Prue Stent, Kirsten Lyttle, Ruth Maddison, Jesse Marlow, Ali McCann, Mia Mala McDonald, Ross McDonnell, Tracey Moffatt, Pietro Paolini, Debra Phillips, Gareth Phillips, Izabela Pluta, Patrick Pound, Shannon May Powell, Clare Rae, Steven Rhall, Lynne Roberts-Goodwin, David Rosetzky, Julie Rrap, Matthew Sleeth, Simon Terrill, James Tylor, Emmaline Zanelli & Anne Zahalka.

Last days to apply to the extended dealine for Kuwait-based image-makers for Speculative Horizons and be included in the inaugural physical exhibition at Contemporary Art Platform that will be staged during the symposium.

Details: https://speculativehorizons.com/open-call/

Speculative Horizons will soon be accepting submissions from Kuwait-based artists for the inaugural physical exhibition at Contemporary Art Platform that will be staged during the symposium. This initiative will introduce Australian photography to Kuwaiti audiences and promote cross-cultural exchange with emphasis on collaboration and experimentation. Artists based in Kuwait are welcome to submit their still and moving image work that addresses the overarching themes of ‘land’ and ‘people’ for consideration