Viewing Platforms

2008 - 

Photographs, photobook and collected objects. 

Viewing Platforms is a photographic investigation of the relationships that are played out in the Australian landscape between tourists and remote destinations and the subsequent interaction of society, space and nature. Visually and conceptually, within these places of transience and awe, the landscapes and tourist infrastructure that is physically imposed over particular places is designated as a stage. The photographs depict how the landscape is contained for consumption and is captured from within the performance of tourism. The project includes both photographs for exhibition and a photobook publication that are considered an experimental travelogue which is punctuated by an anecdotal semi-fictional voice. These entwined methodologies expand on documentary photographic practices and question what tourists gain from drifting travel methodologies that are unique to remote Australian tourist experiences.

Link to PhD Exegesis.

Remarkable Cave, Tasmania

Queenstown, Tasmania

Otway Ranges

Pink Lakes

Kings Canyon

Woomera, Bomb Testing Architecture

Beech Forest

Somewhere near Broken Hill

Queenstown, Tasmania


Remarkable Cave, Tasmania